New Home Sales Crater In January, Opening The Door For Deals With Builders

February 25, 2011 by John · Leave a Comment 

In its monthly New Home Sales release, the U.S. Department of Commerce showed a 13 percent drop-off in annualized new construction sales between the months of December and January. It’s the biggest one-month drop in New Home Sales since May 2010.

New Home Sales Reach 8-Month High

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The 2010 housing market finished on a tear, and that momentum is carrying forward into 2011. Expect the spring season to show strongly, and for home prices to be on the rise.

New Home Sales Rise In November; Hint At Strong Winter 2011

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Like most housing data from November, the most recent New Home Sales report showed sales volume increasing last month, and home supplies falling.

New Home Sales Slip In October

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After posting a strong September, the number of newly-built homes sold nationwide slipped in October.

New Home Housing Stock Drops To A 5-Month Low

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After improving 1 percent in August, New Home Sales popped another 7 percent in September. It’s no wonder homebuilder confidence is at a 5-month high.

New Homes Sales Gain in June, But Gains Are Relative

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June’s New Home Sales data is a major improvement over May, but gains are relative. It’s possible that the true “new home market” may be softer than the statistics suggest.

Buyers Take The May 2010 New Home Sales Data All The Way To The Bank

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The press is referring to the May New Home Sales report as “poor”. A closer look, however, shows that may not be the case.

The Supply Of New Homes For Sale Just Dropped Off A Cliff

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At the current sales pace, the nation’s complete supply of new homes would be sold in just 5 month’s time. That’s more than double the pace of a year ago.

New Homes Sales Were Strong in March, But Not As Strong As The News Would Have You Believe

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The sales of newly-built homes soared in March. Even more than what was expected. But the news may not be as glowing as what the media is telling us.