Video: For Sale By Owner?

December 4, 2015 by John · Leave a Comment 

Video: For Sale By Owner? Most people don’t know enough to sell their own house. Here’s why.

Autumn Home Staging: How to Set Your Home Up to Match the Warm, Rich Colors of Autumn

September 30, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Autumn is not only a great time to enjoy some cooler weather, but it is also a perfect time to sell a home. If you want to sell your house this autumn, these home staging tips will have buyers pounding down your door.

You Ask, We Answer: Understanding the Real Estate ‘Short Sale’ and How This Process Works

September 3, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Here’s what you need to know about how short sales work and what circumstances might call for one.

How To Attract High-End Buyers For Your Home For Sale

June 20, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

There’s at least one good thing about the drop in the dollar and it’s boosting the real estate market. Many high-end Europeans are now looking toward the U.S. for a vacation home or permanent residence, and that could mean big hope for your home for sale. However, this also means a different way of selling.

Discover Why Your Home Isn’t Selling This Summer

June 19, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Just when you think you’ve done everything you need to do to get your home ready for the market, months pass and your home doesn’t sell. Consider a few factors that can effect your goal of selling your home.

Three Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting

June 13, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Many home owners putting up their home for sale on the market don’t have a lot of available cash to spruce it up.

How To Get The Full Asking Price When Selling Your Home

February 20, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Selling your home is a complex process and there are a lot of factors that you will need to consider. Your goal will be to sell your home in a timely manner, while getting the highest price you can.

How To Emotionally Detach From Your Home When Selling

February 11, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Let’s face it, selling your home can be an emotionally difficult process – especially if you have lived there for a long time. When you make a house your home, it holds many of your memories and it becomes a part of your identity.

What Is DOM And How It Affects Your Home For Sale

February 6, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Oh, the dreaded/happy DOM question. “How long has this house been up for sale?” If it’s your home for sale we’re talking about, you’re probably wondering about the split “dreaded/happy” bit.

Why January Is The Best Month For House Hunting

January 16, 2014 by John · Leave a Comment 

Have you made it your New Year’s resolution to find that perfect home for you and your family? You might have thought that you needed to wait until spring to start house shopping, but the fact is that January is a great time to begin.

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