The Headlines Were Overly Rosy On February’s Case-Shiller Index

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Overwhelmingly, home values fell in the 20 markets tracked by the Case-Shiller. Only San Diego showed a modest increase. The other 19 markets averaged a 1.23 percent decline between January and February. However, that’s not the story you read in the most papers.

The Fed Adjourns From A 2-Day Meeting Today And What It Means For Mortgage Rates

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The Federal Reserve adjourns from a scheduled, 2-day meeting today. It’s one of 8 scheduled Fed meetings for 2010. Upon adjournment, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke & Co. will release a formal statement to the market. In it, the Fed is expected to announce “no change” in the Fed Funds Rate. Mortgage rates, however, WILL change.

A Simple Explanation Of The Federal Reserve Statement (April 28, 2010 Edition)

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Today, the Federal Open Market Committee voted 9-to-1 to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged, in its target range of 0.000-0.250 percent. Mortgage rates are rising this afternoon.

New Homes Sales Were Strong in March, But Not As Strong As The News Would Have You Believe

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The sales of newly-built homes soared in March. Even more than what was expected. But the news may not be as glowing as what the media is telling us.

How To Clean Your Grill For Better Tasting Food

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A well-maintained grill is the key to great tasting food, season after season — chicken, meats, fish or other. This video shows you how to care for your grill.

Home Resales Boom Into The End Of The Tax Credit; Home Values Seen Rising.

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Existing Home Sales rose in March, as expected. U.S. homebuyers closed on 7 percent more homes as compared to February.

Fight Your Real Estate Property Tax Bill Without A Lawyer

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More than 60 percent of U.S. homes are “over-assessed”, says an industry trade group. It causes homeowners to pay more in property taxes than they otherwise should have to. You might be one of them. Have you considered fighting it?

How Iceland’s Volcanoes Are Helping Mortgage Rates Fall

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Volcanic eruptions and like natural disasters remind us: mortgage rates change for all sorts of reasons. Some we can predict, most we cannot. There’s literally thousands of influences on the U.S. mortgage market. If you’ve been shopping for a home or floating a mortgage rate, luck’s been on your side.

Housing Starts Data Hints That Housing Will Expand Even After The Tax Credit Expires

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A Housing Start is a new home on which construction has started and, over the last 6 months, home builders are averaging one half-million starts per month. This marks the highest 6-month average since 2008 and a reading one-fifth percent better from 12 months ago. Revisions to prior data have all been higher, too.

Portable, Foldable Speakers Are Perfect For Your Office, Your Hotel, And The Beach

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Fold-up speakers for your MP3 players? You better believe it. OrigAudio’s eco-friendly Fold-N-Play speakers let you take your favorite playlists on the road to your office, hotel rooms and the beach.

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