Case-Shiller Shows Home Price Improvement In A Majority Of Cities Nationwide

March 31, 2010 by John · Leave a Comment 

Standard & Poors released its Case-Shiller Index Wednesday. The report shows that, on a seasonally-adjusted basis, between December and January, home prices rose in more than half of the index’s tracked markets. The strength of this month’s Case-Shiller report, however, should be put in context.

Get Your FHA Mortgage Application Started — Fees Increase 1/2 Percent Starting Monday, April 5, 2010

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Starting Monday, April 5, 2010, getting an FHA mortgage will be more expensive. That means you’ll want to give a full mortgage application before the weekend so your lender can register your loan in time for the deadline.

The Baker’s Edge Nonstick Brownie Edge Pan Makes Perfect, Double-Edged Brownies

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Like cookware, you often get what you pay for with respect to baking products and, at $35 from, the Baker’s Edge Nonstick Brownie Edge Pan may be worth every penny.

The Home Price Index Shows Home Values Lower Broadly, But Not Specifically

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Home values fell again in January, according to the Federal Home Finance Agency’s Home Price Index. Values were reported down 0.6 percent, on average. But it’s hardly helpful information for buyers and sellers.

The Average Household Will Get $2,800 In Tax Refunds. Will You?

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If you’re among the Americans expecting a tax refund this year, this 4-minute piece from NBC’s The Today Show may be helpful. It’s a talk about how to receive a refund and what to do with it.

Existing Home Sales Flatten And Point To A Much Better Spring

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As expected, Existing Home Sales fell in February, slipping 30,000 units versus January’s numbers. It’s the 4th straight month in which Existing Home Sales were lower, month-over-month. But it may not last long. Predicts The Best And Worst Real Estate Markets For 2010

March 23, 2010 by John · Leave a Comment recently published its 2010 forecast and projections for home prices in the country’s largest metro markets. Listed as “Top 25″ and also comprehensively by state,’s home price forecasts puts Santa Rosa, California at the top of 2010’s home appreciation list and Hanford, California at its bottom.

Do Your Spring Cleaning Like Martha Stewart

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In some households, Spring Cleaning is best tackled in a single weekend filled with rubber gloves, ratty clothes, and sweat. In other homes, it’s a less serious undertaking. Either way, to clean a home from top-to-bottom, you need to have a plan.

For Clues About The Future Of Mortgage Rates, Watch For Inflation

March 19, 2010 by John · Leave a Comment 

If you’re trying to gauge whether rates will be rising or falling, one keyword for which to listen is “inflation”. Mortgage rates are highly responsive to inflation.

Single-Family Housing Starts Hold Steady For The 8th Straight Month

March 18, 2010 by John · Leave a Comment 

Single-family Housing Starts idled last month, dropping just 3,000 units from the month prior, or 0.2%. According to the Commerce Department’s report, February marked the 8th straight month in which Housing Starts straddled the half-million marker, dating back to June 2009.

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